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Full Service Moving in NYC

Mini Shleps

Big city life is lived on the move. People are constantly in motion in New York City. Roommates move in and out of apartments, the kids grow up and get their own place, furniture, and other possessions need to go into storage so you have enough space to live comfortably: hundreds of these mini moves in NYC happen every single day.

Apartment MoversNow, you don’t want to pay top dollar just to move a few things. Many times, people who need mini move services only have a couple of pieces of furniture and personal possessions. Mini moves are generally local – you’re either moving right in your neighborhood or very nearby. You don’t have to do all the hard work of moving on your own.

Choosing Shleppers’ Economy Mini Move service in NYC saves you stress and money.

Mini Shleps (Economy Moves): Budget Friendly, Fast and Professional

Your move qualifies as an Economy Move if you have less than 50 cubic feet of stuff to move. Economy Moves are subject only to a 10-mile radius from the Shleppers Headquarters in the Bronx.


Economy Saving Moving CompanyEconomy moves are performed by our skilled, professional moving teams.

We’re experts at navigating the special challenges of NYC moves, including traffic headaches and building restrictions. We treat your belongings with the highest degree of care and respect.

Prices start as low as $449. Certain exclusions do apply. Call us now for full details.

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