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NY Moving Company: Shleppers Loyalty Program

Do You Know How Many Times You’ll Move in Your Life Time?

According to a study conducted by the United States Census Bureau, the average person moves 11.7 Times. Wow that’s a lot of moving. But let’s face it if you live in New York you’ll probably move more often. We move for so many reasons; relationships, commute, and opportunity.  We can’t keep asking friends and family to move us in and out.

Why not start building a new relationship with your moving company?

It’s a good question.  We look for loyalty programs with our banks and coffee houses why not with your moving company.  Here at Shleppers Moving & Storage we want to build that relationship with you.  Plus we want to put some money back in your pocket.

Earn 5% back with Shleppers STAR MONEY!

Here’s How it Works:

When you use Shleppers to complete your move you can earn 5% back of every dollar spent!

3 Ways to Use Your Shleppers Loyalty Money:


Use your Star Money towards your current move!


Transfer your Star Money to someone of your choosing to help them out with a move!  Simply email loyalty@shleppers.com with the name and contact information of the person you’d like your Star Money rewards transferred over to! (Transfers are limited to 50% of subsequent transactions)


Use your Star Money for a future move with Shleppers! …BUT WAIT, it gets better… Shleppers’ NEW Loyalty Program includes credit from your 2017 move and STAR MONEY NEVER EXPIRES!

REQUEST A QUOTE today to start earning Star Dollars!

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(Eligible for personal moves only – Individual customers must be in good standing – Other exclusions apply – Contact Shleppers for details)