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Special Moving Services in NYC & NJ

Piano Moving & Removal in NYC, NJ, CA and Miami

The Right Way Is The ONLY Way To Move Your Piano

John Lennon used Shleppers to move his piano. Liberace used Shleppers to move his piano. Even Debra Gibson used Shleppers to move her piano! Shouldn’t you call Shleppers to move your piano?

Piano Moving in New York, New Jersey, Miami, Los AngelesWhat you, Lennon, Liberace, and Gibson all have in common is knowing that moving a piano is a unique process. Shleppers has been a piano moving company since before bellbottom jeans were in style, and continues to be one of New York’s pioneers of the craft.

Choosing Shleppers means that moving houses or apartments doesn’t have to mean abandoning your prized instrument. We handle the entire process from end-to-end, not just the actual move. We’ll help you develop the moving timeline, and help get your piano situated in your new apartment or house, so it can quickly start to feel like home.

Piano moving in NYC can be a logistically challenging process. In fact, sometimes logistical setbacks can make the move more difficult than the actual moving process. This is why Shleppers has mastered the logistics and planning of a move across all of our services, and piano moving is no exception. From loading and unloading the piano to the seemingly impossible task of getting your piano out of your apartment, Shleppers has the experience and expertise to overcome any challenge.

You should never treat your piano as just another piece of furniture. Shleppers moving service in New York City has the specialized skills, equipment and experience to move your piano the right way. Our piano crews are specially trained to transport all types of pianos from Spinets to Concert Grands. Shleppers can also provide information about piano tuners and refinishers.

If you want additional information or have any other specific needs, please let us know so that we can serve you better.