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How to Stay Organized During Your Big Move

Organizing For A Move

NYC’s top relocation company for over 40 years offers one BIG TIP to keep you organized for your BIG MOVE…

Keep It Simple! 

At Shleppers Moving & Storage, we believe the easiest way to make that big move look way less intimidating is to simplify the process with a quick and easy moving checklist!


SORT: Go through each room and sort your belongings into 3 categories:




Donation Box

Of the items you’d like to keep, consider if you will need to pack them carefully as fragile items, or if you want to apply moving insurance towards them.

INVESTIGATE: Once you have a good idea of the items that will be coming with you for your big move, start researching professional moving companies in your area. Shleppers Moving & Storage is happy to provide a FREE QUOTE for your move based on the distance of the move and the amount/types of items being relocated.

DOCUMENT: Create a document or keep a folder with all of the papers relevant for your move—including moving company info and each of the items being moved. It’s a good idea to log the belongings that will be coming with you for your move—try keeping track of these items “per room.”

Additionally, you’ll want to ensure that you have obtained all necessary documentation from your child(ren’s) school(s), appropriate doctors, etc.


ORDER SUPPLIES: Order any and all moving supplies you’ll need for the big move. This includes packing tape, bubble wrap, labels, markers, and moving boxes. Try Shleppers’ box delivery service to make preparing for your big move easier!

 USE IT UP: Try to be cognizant of using things that you won’t want to move with you—such as perishable food items.

CONFIRM YOUR MOVING ARRANGEMENTS: Contact Shleppers to confirm your moving details! Review any costs and additional services you may find useful for the big move.

PACK IT UP: Begin packing items that you use less often. This will make things much easier when it comes time to pack your “everyday” belongings. Be sure to label the packed items clearly and organize contents by room.

PULL OUT VALUABLES: Create a designated packing box or boxes for your valuable items and create a moving estimate with the estimated cost of each valuable item, for your records.

NOTIFY: Change your address with your post office at www.usps.gov

You’ll also want to do this with your bank, credit card companies and other billing companies.

Man Carrying Three Boxes And Falling Over


It’s crunch time! This is when you’ll want to be sure to: 

Reconfirm your moving arrangements with your professional moving company

Refill any prescriptions at your local pharmacy

Pack your clothes (separating some outfits for the few days before and after the move)


Defrost the freezer

Review details for moving day

Prepare for payment to your moving company


Sit back, relax, and let Shleppers moving company in New York City do the work for you!