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Who To Notify When You Move

Who to Notify When You Move Checklist

Preparing and getting ready for any type of move requires several kinds of checklists. Checklists help people stay organized and ahead of the move without forgetting any essential items or things to do prior to the move.  On top of all the basics like acquiring boxes and packing materials and supplies, hiring a professional moving company, and getting the family ready, you also need to make sure you notify all the people you need to when you change addresses.

Make sure to look over this checklist at least a week before the move so you don’t forget anyone important!

Ultimate Checklist:

Post Office – This should be the first step and can be done online so that all your mail is directed to your new address and it only costs $1.00.


Employer – Even if your paychecks are directly deposited into your bank account, you’ll want to let your employer know about your change of address.  You will want your tax forms, pay stubs, retirement account statements, etc. to be mailed to the correct address.

Utilities – This is a critical step or else you’ll be paying for your electric, gas, phone, cable, internet, etc., bills for your old home.  Make sure to do this right before you move so you won’t be living in the dark or without essential utilities.

Banks, and Other Financial Institutions – To avoid sensitive and private information from being sent to your old address, update your mailing address for your bank, credit card issuers, investment accounts, loan providers, and other financial institutions.

DMV – Depending on the state you are moving to; you may need to update your car registration or possibly get a new driver’s license.

Insurance Providers – Avoid trouble filing a claim and update all forms of insurance including home, dental, car, health, life, etc.

IRS – The IRS provides an online form where you can inform them of your new address so that sensitive information is sent to the updated address.

Mobile Phone Provider – Cell phone companies need customers to update their billing address to determine the proper tax rate on your wireless bill.

Voter Registration – If you’re a registered voter, an address change is required if you want your vote counted in upcoming elections.

Dentist, Doctor, etc. – Let your doctor, dentist, pharmacy, veterinarian or any other health provider know of your new address and if you need help with referrals.

Websites – Many online shopping sites have a checkout feature that lets you save time, but this could be problematic if you forget to change your address and order something that gets delivered to your old address.  Take time to go through all your shopping sites and update the address.

Subscriptions – Make sure to change your address by emailing or calling any special subscriptions to services, magazines, etc.

Family and Friends – These are the most important people to tell! Share the exciting news with all your close friends and family.

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