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Personal Storage

Your kids grow, then grow older, then move out. Your wardrobe expands than changes and then retro fashion is back. You host, sometimes for an evening, sometimes they will stay for a few nights. Winter clothing, summer clothing, and then back again. Your storage needs change constantly, but your house doesn’t.

Personal Storage Units in New York, New Jersey, Miami, Los AngelesShleppers’ secure storage can fit any household storage need you may have. If you need to put away your winter clothing during those New York summers (or vice versa), if you need to clear a room for a few days to accommodate a cousin from out of town, or if you need a place to keep the entire contents of your closet while you’re relocating, we can provide temporary storage space for you.

Our residential storage facilities can also help bridge the gap between moving out of an old home and into a new one. The availability of a reliable home storage unit can immensely simplify a move. Since moving timelines can be a difficult thing to schedule, there is often a gap of time between moving out and moving in that will require your belongings to be stored somewhere until your new home is ready. Our secure and spacious temporary storage units are ideal for these situations. Our personal storage allows us to provide complete end-to-end moving services—from moving out, to storage, to moving in. Even if you’re moving all the way to New Jersey, Miami, Los Angeles, Seattle, Austin, or another far-away area, we can hold your belongings for as long as necessary.

No matter what you need—a small short-term personal storage unit or a larger long-term home storage unit—Shleppers will pick up your items, store them in our secure facility, and bring them back to you when the storage period ends. Shleppers provides the best quality packing and wrapping materials; we will even pack your items for you if needed. Our secured warehouse is fireproofed and guarded by security cameras and staff 24/7.

Household Storage Units in New York, New Jersey, Miami, Los AngelesHOUSEHOLD STORAGE ADVANTAGES

  • Full service from pick-up to drop-off—no need to leave your house
  • For any period of time
  • For any size of storage space
  • Quality packing materials keep your items intact
  • Weatherproof and fireproof environment
  • 24/7 security

Call us now to get a free quote on your temporary storage needs at (212) 223-4004. We would be happy to show you why we’re New York’s finest storage and moving professionals.