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Moving Questions

Is the cost of disassembling and reassembling my furniture included in my move?

Yes. The price for Shleppers full-service moves includes disassembly and reassembly of basic furniture like beds, dining tables, kitchen tables, and mirrors of your furniture. Our professional moving team performs this work on a daily basis, making them efficient experts.

What about IKEA furniture?

Yes, we disassemble and reassemble IKEA furniture. Be aware that in some cases, to keep warranty protection in place, the Ikea furniture company requires a carpenter for disassembly and reassembly. Please coordinate with your sales representative.

Does Shleppers dismount and remount TVs from the walls?

Yes, we do. Moving television sets, monitors and similar equipment that requires the use of Shleppers carpentry services will impact the cost of your move. Your sales representative can provide you with the full details.

Does Shleppers move pianos?Does Shleppers move pianos?

Being Manhattan’s top moving company means we’ve schlepped our share of pianos – on, off, and way off-off Broadway! Our experienced professional movers know how to safely pack, load and transport your piano. Famous musicians have trusted us with their instruments! Shleppers has proudly moved pianos owned by John Lennon, Vanessa Williams and Kimora Lee Simons.

I want to do the packing myself. Where do I get moving boxes from?

moving boxes packing boxesStrong moving boxes protect your valuables so that they won’t get damaged while being moved. If you need moving boxes, let your sales representative know. They’ll help you determine the size and number of boxes you need. Order exactly what you want, and Shleppers will deliver the boxes and packing materials directly to your home. So simple and easy!

Do I have to unpack my dresser drawers?

Dresser drawers must be unpacked prior to the move. The weight of clothing, books, and other items kept in drawers can double or triple the weight of a dresser, creating an unsafe situation for our professional movers and causing significant delays in your move. Shleppers company policy is to empty all drawers.

What’s the best way to pack hanging clothes?

You have two options when it comes to moving your hanging clothes.

Option one is to have Shleppers pack these garments for you. On moving day, Shleppers will pack your hanging clothes in free rental wardrobe boxes. At the destination, we ask that you unpack these boxes and return them to the movers.

Option two is to purchase the wardrobe boxes in advance. This gives you the opportunity to pack your closet in advance, per your own preferences, and, because you get to keep the boxes, take all the time you want to unpack.

What are some ways I can save money on my move?

The best way to save money on your move is to dispose of items you don’t want or need any more prior to packing. The fewer things you have to move, the lower the cost will be. Another factor that allows you to save money on your move is your moving date. Moving companies are busiest during the first and last week of every month. Avoiding this timeframe can help you save significant money. Talk to your sales representative for further details.

What special preparations should I make before the movers arrive?

New Year, New Move - Tips for RelocatingMost people choose to move personal valuables such as cash, jewelry, and expensive designer bags themselves. Additionally, it is a good best practice to pack a bag with any medications you may need as well as other self-care items you will want over the course of the next day. If you have small children, make sure to pack a bag with diapers, wipes, clothes, and everything else you think they may need – including any favorite stuffed animals or special toys!

How long does an average move take?

Every time we get this question, we smile. There’s no average move, because every family and every business is different. But we expect a studio move to take between 3-4 hours; a 1 BRM move between 5-6, and a 2 BRM move between 6-7. For larger moves, or if you’d like a time estimate including packing services, please contact your sales representative.

Is it okay to tip the movers?

The Shleppers team works exceptionally hard, and tips are always appreciated! On local moves – within the tri-state area, generally a 1-2 day move – most people tip between 15%-20%. You can either divide that among the crew or hand it to the foreman at the end of the day. For long-distance moves, the industry standard is 10%-15%, divided between the pickup crew and the delivery crew.

Can I keep my belongings in the truck overnight?

Get Help MovingAbsolutely! This service is standard in the industry, it is called overnight. We recommend not keeping household goods in the truck for more than 2-3 nights.

What happens if I need to change some of the details of my move after I’ve booked it?

Shleppers understands that life is complicated and that plans sometimes need to be adjusted. We’ll work with you to create a new moving plan that better meets your needs. Be aware that some date changes may impact the price of your move. Your sales representative can give you full details. Items to be moved lists can be updated up to 24 hours prior to the move.

I’ve heard horror stories about last-minute surprise moving fees. Will the price of my move change on move day?

Shleppers is the top moving company in New York City because we’re upfront and honest about how we do business. As part of our process, Shleppers provides you with a binding price. As long as there are no changes in the scope of the move – for example, a last-minute decision to add a piano or several pieces of furniture to the move – that binding price is what you’ll pay. And if those last-minute changes have to happen, your sales representative will make sure you know ahead of time what that will cost, so you’re never surprised!

Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating
- Samantha Stiles
Shleppers made our move pain free and easy. Everyone was a pleasure to deal with. We had to remove a piece of furniture 2 days before the move, and they made it hassle-free. I would definitely use them again!”
- Samantha Stiles
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating
- Samantha Stiles
Shleppers made our move pain free and easy. Everyone was a pleasure to deal with. We had to remove a piece of furniture 2 days before the move, and they made it hassle-free. I would definitely use them again!”
- Samantha Stiles