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Business Storage

Changing offices can be a long and challenging process for your company. Depending on the size of your business and the distance to your new location, a move can take days or weeks. Between moving out of your old office and settling into your new one, you’ll need secure, reliable storage space near you to bridge the gap. You will also want a trusted team of office movers so you don’t have to worry about the logistics of the move. If you let us help you out, you can stay focused on getting your company into your new office, not your stuff.

Business Storage in New York, New Jersey, Miami, Los AngelesShleppers offers business storage solutions during your move to ensure your items are kept safe and secure. It’s simple: We pick up your items, store and protect them during your move, and deliver them to your new site when you’re ready. Our affordable moving services are fast, careful and efficient, and will assist you in settling into your new offices. Shleppers will move you out of your old space, and your items will arrive at your brand new office when you do, so you don’t have to worry about the heavy lifting.

We offer:

  • Clean, secure, climate-controlled private storage spaces
  • Pickup and delivery of your items
  • Full detailed inventory

Whether you need to store furniture, supplies, or office equipment, we have a variety of large and small storage spaces that can accommodate your business’ needs. From big offices to small offices to everything in between, we make providing fast and safe delivery services our priority. Our office storage spaces are large and secure for any of your business items.

Large or bulky items are not a problem. We move and store any commercial items you may have. Desks, file cabinets, tables, and chairs are not a problem for us. Also, we don’t neglect the small, fragile stuff. Phones, monitors, and computers are handled and stored with care. We’re pros at getting your items from A to B in a timely manner, so your items will reach your destination safely and efficiently, whenever you want them to.

Commercial Storage Units in New York, New Jersey, Miami, Los AngelesOur facilities can accommodate your timeline. However long it takes for your new offices to be ready, we will be happy to store your items. We also welcome temporary storage, and can quickly have your office equipment ready for your new space. We can provide short-term and long-term office storage solutions during your transition.

Distance can also be a challenge in moving offices, but this shouldn’t deter you from taking that big step. Finding long-term storage at a competitive rate can often be a challenge. But at Shleppers, we don’t think it should be. For this reason, we offer a free month of storage for long-distance moves. So if you want to take your business across the country, your furniture and supplies will be securely stored in the meantime, and be ready for the move when you are. Even if you’re moving your office from New York to Los Angeles, or from Miami to New Jersey, we’ll hold your belongings for you while you get settled.

No matter how large or small your storage needs may be, or how long or short the duration of your moving timeline, Shleppers offers efficient office moving and commercial storage services you can rely on. Call us today and we will find suitable business storage units near you.

Office Storage Units in New York, New Jersey, Miami, Los Angeles