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Moving to Morningside Heights, SoHa (or “South of Harlem”)

Living in Morningside Heights

Right next to Harlem in NYC sits a small neighborhood that doesn’t get nearly enough attention. Morningside Heights, often referred to as “South of Harlem” (SoHa) is a smaller-than-average neighborhood. While the neighborhood is known for its high-end education spots, living here is often a second thought; but, it shouldn’t be. Here’s are some reasons why you should move to Morningside Heights!

College Town?

Columbia University, the Manhattan School of Music, and Bernard College are the first things that come to mind for many New Yorkers when they hear about Morningside Heights. However, there is more to do here than go to University. Often described as a village, Morningside features many affordable studio apartments, coffee shops, and bars.

Coffee shop New York

Better Bang for Your Buck

One of Morningside’s understated perks is its apartments. Price-per-square footage is quite good by NYC standards here. Being located in Manhattan only sweetens this deal, and many residents say that the college students give the neighborhood a bit of liveliness.

Parks and Pubs

Being located in a college area means that night life is quite prominent. Bars, restaurants, and clubs are aplenty throughout Morningside. Being next to Harlem* also means that many of Harlem’s excellent parks are also easily accessible. Marcus Garvey Park, for instance, is a short distance from Morningside. This park features a pool, amphitheater, and plenty of outdoors activities.

*As described in our Harlem neighborhood page, this area has tons of delicious eateries and genuine soul. You’re a hop skip and a jump away from Apollo Theater, where music icons such as Aretha Franklin and James Brown have played their timeless music!

New York City Pub

Good Morning!

With a lower-than-average crime rate, energetic social scene, and affordable living spaces, Morningside Heights is almost perfect. If you are considering moving here, give Shleppers Moving & Storage a call! We offer many Harlem moving services for moving, big or small, so feel free to contact us to get started today!