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Moving to Harlem

Do the Harlem Shake (and Move!)

Below NYC’s Washington Heights, sitting just north of Central Park lies Harlem; an Uptown neighborhood spanning from the East and Harlem Rivers to the Hudson River, east to west respectively. A populated neighborhood with a charismatic atmosphere, Harlem plays host to modernized brownstones and streets decorated with beautiful trees. Harlem, known as a predominantly African American business, domestic and cultural epicenter, is an alluring NYC neighborhood to call home—not to mention that it is rich with history. So, if you’re moving to Harlem, here’s what you should know about it!

Harlem is subdivided into three smaller areas: Central, West and East Harlem.

Central Harlem hosts three large parks— Morningside, St. Nicholas and Jackie Robinson parks. West Harlem is broken down into Manhattanville and Hamilton Heights, and East Harlem (aka Spanish Harlem) falls within Manhattan Community Board 11.

Then & Now 

The area of Harlem dates back to the 1600s. When the Dutch settled into the area and utilized it as farmland, they named the district after the Netherland city of Haarlem. Throughout history, Harlem was distinguished by multiple highs and lows in the economy.

Post-Civil War, Harlem was mostly inhabited by underprivileged Italians and Jews. During the Great Migration, African-American residents started to populate the area and eventually influenced the “Harlem Renaissance”, which took place primarily in Central and West Harlem. This renaissance was an influx of artistry without example that would be spoken of for generations to come.

More currently, Harlem has undergone gentrification and fortune due to NYC’s late 20th century revitalization.

Music Icons & Deliciously Diverse Eats 

The Harlem Renaissance played a huge role in integrating music into the everyday of the area. Nearly every street corner in Harlem plays host to live music, so if you’re moving to Harlem, get ready to be serenaded on the daily with jazz, R&B, blues and soul music!

Harlem’s Apollo Theater is one of Harlem’s most famous destinations. Music icons like Aretha Franklin, Ella Fitzgerald, James Brown, B.B. King and The Jackson 5 have played inside the Apollo’s walls. The theater still hosts an amateur night for those bold enough to perform where the greats once stood!

If you’re looking to move to Harlem, you better go up a pant size and ready your appetite! Harlem’s rich culture has not been limited to music only. The neighborhood has also prospered culinarily. The diverse population has led to a vast array of delectable cuisines: Red Rooster, Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, Amy Ruth’s, and Sylvia’s, just to name a few.

Shleppers Moving & Storage in Harlem 

What music is to Harlem, NYC moving is to Shleppers. We’re proudly leading the way in every NYC neighborhood, including Harlem, for all of your moving and storage needs! Whether you’re a musician moving to Harlem in search of the perfect place to perform, or you’re simply looking to immerse yourself in the cultural experience of the neighborhood, be sure to contact us for all of your moving and storage needs!