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Moving to Mount Morris Park, Mount Morris Historical District, Marcus Garvey Park

Mount Morris Historical District, Marcus Garvey Park

Mount Morris Historical District is a sub-section of the larger Mount Morris Park neighborhood. This district was named a historic district in 1971 by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission. Located to the west of Central Harlem, this sixteen block neighborhood contains the centerpiece of Marcus Garvey Memorial Park, and is a great destination for your next local NYC move.

One of Harlem’s First

Located next to the Marcus Garvey Park, the neighborhood of Mount Morris Park was one of Harlem’s first communities. For over 150 years, this area in central Harlem has been a historic place of diversity and opportunity. Today, the park serves as a communal space for the neighborhood’s residents, and features a pool, amphitheater, recreational center, and more for local New Yorkers to enjoy.

Marcus Garvey Park

The Marcus Garvey Memorial Park was previously known as Mount Morris Park, and some areas of NYC still do refer to it by its old name. Marcus Garvey Park is one of the many parks in Central Harlem. Other favorites include Morningside Park and, of course, Central Park. Nearby necessities include a library, hospital, schools, daycares, and multiple churches and synagogues.

History of the Square

Mount Morris Square was established in 1840, with the original neighborhood being given money from the Central Park commission. The original plans involved picnic tables and croquet areas. Now, many of the original buildings in the neighborhood can be spotted with architectural patterns similar to those found in Central Park. Much of the neighborhood’s architecture was, and is, Roman-inspired.

One of the oldest public squares in the Manhattan area, Marcus Garvey Park is the focal point of this neighborhood, and is named after Marcus Aurelius Garvey, a black nationalist from the late 1890s and early 1900s. Marcus Garvey himself lived from 1887-1940. He founded the United Negro Improvement Association (UNIA), and preached the message of self-sufficiency through economics for Harlem Residents.

Living in Mount Morris Historical District, Marcus Garvey Park

The 1800s were a tough time for NYC, with fire being a huge problem for the city. The Mount Morris Fire Watchtower, located in Marcus Garvey Park, is one of the neighborhood’s iconic buildings. Used to contain fires, the watchtower is now a historical landmark of New York.

In the late 1990s, the city also raised enough money to build a brand-new baseball field. Three playgrounds have now been installed in the park, and The Acropolis is known to be one of the best places to view NYC.

Beautiful architecture is aplenty in this district, and much like the rest of Harlem, there is a sense of community between the residents that live here. Less busy than the rest of New York City, this middle-class neighborhood has been revitalized many times over the years and is considered a nice place to live. With plenty of local parks to visit, including the nearby Central Park, there is never a lack of things to do in this district.

In relation to the rest of NYC, Mount Morris Historical District, Marcus Garvey Park is a quieter and more tightly-knit neighborhood. Typically, more affordable that most of Manhattan, Marcus Garvey Park might be your perfect place to live.

Moving to Mount Morris Historical District, Marcus Garvey Park

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