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Moving to Sugar Hill in Central Harlem

A Little Bit About Sugar Hill, NYC

Sugar Hill is a small neighborhood located within Hamilton Heights in Harlem.  Even though the name suggests that the neighborhood is on a hill, it is not.  It is located on a high plateau, poised on a bluff overlooking the Harlem Plain and the Jackie Robinson Park.  Sugar Hill makes up a section of Upper Manhattan and is filled with lovely rows of townhouses and elegant apartment buildings that are architecturally remarkable.  This neighborhood has a rich culture tied to the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s and 1930s.  Sugar Hill got its name in the 1920s after it became a popular place for wealthy African Americans to live during the Harlem Renaissance.  Sugar Hill still remains a hidden gem in Harlem and maintains beautiful townhouses and apartments with gorgeous overlooking views of the neighborhood.

What You’ll Find in this Historic Enclave

One of the main attractions in Sugar Hill is the number of parks and landmarks it contains.  It is centrally located in Upper Manhattan with access to the Jackie Robinson Park which includes a recreation center, a swimming pool, ball fields, playgrounds, and more.  Sugar Hill is home to the infamous Dance Theatre of Harlem and Harlem School of the Arts which are both well-known for their classes and performances.  The shopping and dining options in Sugar Hill are most commonly found on Amsterdam Avenue and Broadway.  Sugar Hill is sometimes considered as part of Hamilton Heights and is almost solely residential.  It is covered in rows and rows of stunning 4 and 5 story townhouses that are affordable and have breathtaking views.  Living in Sugar Hill is the dream for most families as it has a good community, low cost of living, and many different unique attractions and landmarks.

Moving to Sugar Hill neighborhood? Choose NYC’s Top Moving Company!

Sugar Hill is arguably one of the most historic and beautiful neighborhoods in New York.  The neighborhood is covered in wonderful parks and has an incredible history of the brownstones, and other treasured histories of the community.  Allow Shleppers’ expert full-service movers in NYC to assist you on your move to the scenic, relaxing, historic enclave.  Our movers will handle all the simple logistics and make sure all your belongings are safely packed and transported to your new home in Sugar Hill.

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