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Upper West Side Movers

Manhattan is most likely the first borough you think of when you picture what it’s like to live in  New York City. After all, “the big City” is largely contained to this metropolitan conglomerate of a borough. Shleppers Moving & Storage specializes in New York City moving, so we’d like to tell you a bit more about the upper half of Manhattan island…

The Upper West Side

When you think of NYC landmarks, chances are they are the ones located in Manhattan. The Statue of Liberty, Central Park, the Empire State Building, and more encompass this dense and populated area. The upper half of Manhattan is often referred to as the Upper West Side and was the last part of Manhattan to be gentrified during the 19th century. During this time, the IRT Ninth Avenue Line railroad began taking residents to this largely neglected area. This railroad, the first elevated railroad in NYC, is what led to Upper Manhattan becoming the populated and popular metropolis that it is today.

Manhattan City

Affordable, Convenient, & Historic

The best reason to move to Upper Manhattan? The rent. Not nearly as expensive as a lot of other NYC areas, the Upper West Side offers more space for fewer dollars, making it an economic option for those new to New York City. Convenience is also huge, with easy access to most major rail lines. With construction already started on the L train line for 2019, the wider array of train options in Upper Manhattan might just be your saving grace. If this isn’t enough, the neighborhood also boasts plenty of options for fans of History. Alexander Hamilton’s home, along with musical history venues (such as The Apollo), round-out an already impressive location.

Lighthouse & Tombs

Looking for something new to do in Manhattan? Grant’s Tomb – the resting place of Union Commanding General Ulysses S. Grant – is a popular attraction run by the National Parks Service. The Little Red Lighthouse, located under the George Washington Bridge, is exactly what the name implies. A fun little place to visit, this is the perfect place for photoshoots and water views.

Living in Upper Manhattan

If you think Upper Manhattan is right for you, be sure to contact the best moving service in New York City – Shleppers! We offer free quotes on our website, so contact us to get started today! We offer a variety of services for moves big or small!