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Moving to Astor Row

Living in Harlem: Astor Row

Astor Row sits within Central Harlem, Manhattan. The development is comprised of 28 row houses that were some of the first theoretical townhouses in the area. The land upon which they sit was once owned by John Jacob Astor. Astor originally purchased the land for $10,000 in 1844, and his grandson, William Backhouse Astor Jr., set the development of Astor Row into motion.

Tranquility Amidst a Bustling City

The 28 brick, single-family, three-story homes that make up Astor Row are a rarity in Manhattan. Each home possesses its own front yard, side yard, and wooden porch to boot.

A reporter from The New York Times once described Astor Row as “one of the most attractive and exclusive home centers” in Harlem.

Restoration of Astor Row

Unfortunately, the homes along Astor Row changed hands throughout the years and were not kept in times of economic downfall. However, in 1981, NYC declared the row as a row of landmarks and funds were raised to restore Astor Row to its former glory. Even Ella Fitzgerald pitched in to help improve the homes by performing at a benefit held at Radio City Music Hall!

Moving to Astor Row?

As Central Harlem progresses further and further towards revival, Astor Row is sitting pretty at its center. If you’re moving to Astor Row, you’re about to live within the walls of history, and what better way to start your life in your new home than by moving into it with a company who has an extensive history moving services in NYC?

Shleppers Moving & Storage has nearly three decades of experience in the industry. We are a company comprised of professionals who could very possibly navigate NYC in their sleep. Moving in to a three-story, NYC-declared landmark that was once important enough to have Ella Fitzgerald raising money for its restoration? We’ve got you covered. Request a free quote today!