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Lower East Side NY Moving Company

Situated in the southeast section of Manhattan, the Lower East Side is known for its blue-collar culture that has been shaped by a number of immigrant groups from Italy, Germany, Ireland, Poland, Puerto Rico, and various other countries and regions around the globe. This area has a rich history and a vibrant present; its many attractions include a thriving nightclub scene and an assortment of lovely parks.

Over 70,000 people live in the Lower East Side and, in any given year, a large number of these residents will need professional moving services to help them get their valuables to a new address. They can find what they need at Shleppers, a Lower East Side moving company with decades of field experience.

Residential Home & Apartment Movers

Did you find a cool new apartment across town? Or even a nice house? Shleppers can help you move in. Our Lower East Side movers know how to handle all your stuff so it doesn’t get banged up or otherwise harmed while in transit. Even if you have delicate items like wine bottles, you can trust us to manage your valuables with expert care. If you have only a few items to move, ask us about our Mini Shleps service. Moving to the Lower East Side has never been so stress-free.

Commercial Movers

Anyone who has ever had to a move an entire business to a new facility is well aware that this can be hard work indeed, especially for large organizations that have a lot of equipment. You don’t have to figure out all the logistics yourself, though—our licensed movers will create a comprehensive plan to relocate everything in the most efficient way possible. We also have some Lower East Side business storage units where you can keep your office furniture and equipment for however long you need.

Long Distance Moving Services

Sometimes life takes people to distant locations—they have to move to another city or another state. In this situation, you should reach out to Shleppers for the best moving services available, no matter where you want to go. Our interstate movers make daily and bi-weekly trips to a variety of destinations within the continental United States.

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