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Moving to Little Germany

History Behind Kleindeutschland

Little Germany, also known as Kleindeutschland, used to be a highly populated German immigrant neighborhood along the Lower East Side of Manhattan in New York City.  While New York is home to an assortment of unique cultures, Kleindeutschland was a German town in the middle of New York, which reserved its language and customs.  It used to be covered with its beer gardens, German churches, German windows, and foods.  However, over the years that started to fade away as less German immigrants came to Little Germany.  In the late 19th century, Little Germany was home to many ethnicities and began to transform to the Lower East Side.

What You’ll Find

In Kleindeutschland, late-night music played a large cultural part in the lives of many people and singing societies could be found everywhere whether it be out on the streets or in a club.  Even though its German culture isn’t as prevalent, it hasn’t completely disappeared along with other cultures.  Its streets are lined with bars, clubs, an abundance of trendy and cultural restaurants, libraries, and music venues.  There is never a dull moment in Little Germany with the thriving late-night entertainment and surrounding attractions in Manhattan.  This small neighborhood is rich in diversity and filled with many cultural landmarks and shops to explore.

Moving to Little Germany

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