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5 Things To Put In Your Storage Unit When You’re Getting Your Holiday Decorations Out

If there’s one thing all New Yorkers can agree upon, it’s that we need more space. Small homes don’t leave much room for anything extra – but it wouldn’t be the holidays without the Christmas tree and festive decorations. You want to have these things, but there’s just now space in your place. Renting a storage unit is much more affordable than trying to get a bigger place – thinking of your storage unit as an off-site closet for seasonal items.

With Halloween behind us and Thanksgiving on the horizon, the odds are pretty good that you’ll be headed to your storage unit soon to retrieve your holiday decorations. Make the most of your visit and reclaim some space in your home by putting these five seasonal items into storage when you’re getting your holiday decorations out:

1) Your Summer Wardrobe

Clothes Hangers

Beachwear doesn’t get used a whole lot in Manhattan in December, so unless you have a tropical getaway planned, your summer wardrobe can go into storage. Stow bathing suits, sundresses, and other warm weather gear until it’s beach season again.

2) Your Bike

Bike in the City

If you’re a diehard who loves pedaling through snowy streets, skip this one. But if you prefer to do your biking when it’s nice out, reclaim the space your bike currently occupies by stowing it in storage.

3) The Kids’ Outdoor Toys

Boy At Beach With Toys

Children’s toys take up an amazing amount of space. Outdoor toys and seasonal sports gear can go into storage now: do this when the kids are otherwise occupied to minimize the stress. Bear in mind your kids will keep growing while their stuff is in storage, so if they’re barely fitting in their soccer cleats now, you might want to pass them along rather than store them.

4) Patio/Terrace Furniture

Patio Furniture

Any chairs, tables, or other furniture you keep on your patio, terrace or balcony will last longer and stay in better condition if it spends winter safely in storage away from the element. Don’t want to shlepp all that furniture to the storage unit? At a minimum, bring your cushions – they’re the most vulnerable to damage from moisture and cold – or consider calling us for a mini move.

5) Garden Gear

Shovel and Rake

If you’re among the many New Yorkers who enjoy a spot of urban gardening, it’s safe to say you can store your shovels, pruners, watering can and other gardening gear until spring returns.