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Visiting Liberty Island After Your Move to NYC

History of Liberty Island

New York is filled with beautiful monuments, statues, museums, and endless history.  Liberty Island is a federally owned island, located in the Upper New York Bay.  New York City bought the island in 1758 and it was ceded to the federal government in the 1800s.  Not long after, Fort Wood was built on the island for the War of 1812.  The statue was built within the fort in the late 1880s and declared a national monument in 1924.  Eventually, Fort Wood was decommissioned, and the National Park Service took over the island.  While you may not be moving to Liberty Island, you can add it to the list of places you can visit after your move to New York City.  Read on to learn more…

Lady Liberty

Liberty Island, situated at the mouth of the Hudson River, contains the most significant American icon.  The Statue of Liberty, also referred to as Lady Liberty and Liberty Enlightening the World, towers over Liberty Island.

Shockingly, there have been no residents on Liberty Island since 2012.  There have been several people over the years who tried to make it their homestead, but the conditions for living aren’t great.  The last couple to live there in 2012, helped maintain the statue and worked for the National Park Service.  However, sadly, Hurricane Sandy damaged their home and forced them to leave the island.

When You Visit Liberty Island

Even though you can’t live on Liberty Island, hundreds of people take a ferry over every day to see the Statue of Liberty and the other famous buildings.  Visiting Liberty Island is considered one of the most rewarding and interesting experiences of any trip in New York City.  Besides the Statue of Liberty, tourists will also visit the Statue of Liberty Museum, Ellis Island Immigrant Building, and the American Museum of Immigration.

Moving Soon?

Thinking of moving in the Manhattan area or close by Liberty Island?  Allow local moving company, Shleppers Moving & Storage, to assist you on your move into the vibrant and exciting Manhattan.  Start exploring Liberty Island and all the historical monuments as soon as you can!  Contact New York movers, Shleppers, at: 800-847-4537 or visit our website to learn more about our moving services.