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NYC Moves: Tips for Moving & Packaging Antiques

Nearly everybody owns at least one treasure worthy of five minutes of fame on the Antiques Road Show. Now you are moving with your cherished antiques and valuables from your current New York City home to a new place in the Tristate area, and that stable location where your beloved item has long been housed and protected is about to be thrown into turmoil. What do you do to protect your cherished possessions in the midst of the chaos inevitable in a household move?

5 tips for moving an antique or valuable item:

1. Pack it yourself.

Here packaging is key. You need a sturdy box and don’t skimp on the packing stuff. There are the traditional Styrofoam peanuts that are slowly engulfing the earth. There is newspaper, which is cheap but messy and capable of shedding ink onto your vulnerable items–like for a wedding dress, it’s a no-go, but okay for porcelain. Bubble wrap is good for small fragile items, plus it’s fun to pop after you unpack. Then there’s my personal favorite, popcorn. Pop it yourself in an air popper, and of course no butter is involved. It’s cheap and biodegradable, and while, probably not the best idea for long storage, for a quick hop from Manhattan to Jersey City, it’s perfect.

2. Pick your box.

Think sturdy and right sized. Unless it’s a stack of dishes that can take up little space and use one box, I suggest you pack each item individually, like the treasures they are. The larger the box, the more likely it is to be roughly handled, or even dropped.

3. Label the box.

You should of course label every moving box with its contents, but in this case add the word FRAGILE, which isn’t Italian even if the dad in A Christmas Story thought it was, on every side of the sealed box. You may also include THIS SIDE UP, if that’s relevant, and the material of the item, such as GLASS.

4. Insure your treasures.

Especially if they will be handled by a third party, like UPS or USPS or Fedex, or a moving company you must insure your items against the mayhem in transit. Check their options and rates. If you are moving them yourself, check your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance for applicable coverage.

5. Find a mover who understands moving antiques and valuables and let them do the work.

What you need is a full service moving and storage company that can handle any move, including moving antique and valuable items with packing, storing and unpacking. They will not only pack and carry your beloved items with care, they can arrange for appropriate insurance for your items should an unthinkable act damage them.

Shleppers Moving and Storage has been helping people move in NYC since 1978 which means they’ve probably moved every cherished item a person could hold dear. Hiring a full service moving and storage company, like Shleppers Moving and Storage, instead of doing it yourself, is the tip that will help protect your antique and valuable possessions and give you peace of mind. Whether your move is across town or across the GWB, the Triborough, the Fifth Avenue, the Throgs Neck, the White Stone, or even the Tappan Zee, Shleppers will move your cherished belongings with the attention and care that will get them all to your new home safe and sound.