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Planning a Move to Murray Hill

Murray Hill is a New York City neighborhood with a lot of amazing history. During the Revolutionary War, Mary Lindley Murray used the power of high society manners to keep British officers from pursuing George Washington and his troops long enough to save 3,500 lives – and quite possibly the America’s future! If you’re moving to Murray Hill, here’s a little bit of what you can expect.

Some of that high society feel remains in Murray Hill to this day. The neighborhood has diversified to include academics and professionals who enjoy the easy walk to Manhattan.  Local residents say they enjoy the safe, comfortable feel of the neighborhood, as well as the fact the culture is a nice mix of family-friendly and fun nightlife.

Planning Your Move to Murray Hill: A Word About Traffic

If we had to limit our comments to one word about Murray Hill traffic, it would be “Beware” – this neighborhood can go from slow and sleepy to incredibly congested in the blink of an eye. The City’s been taking steps to address the issue, but it can still be challenging to navigate a moving truck through crowded city streets. If you have any doubts about your skills in this area, have a professional moving company do it and save yourself a world of stress.

Measure Everything – Twice!

Murray Hill is home to some of New York City’s oldest buildings. This means that doorways, hallways, and staircases can appear in a variety of sizes, as can the rooms in your new place. You want to be sure everything fits. Measure your furniture and other possessions before you move – it will help with the planning process. Not sure how to measure your furniture? You’ll find that info here.

Get Ready to Eat Very Well

Foodies love Murray Hill for a reason. There’s a lot of really great restaurants in the area, particularly if you love Indian food. Also awesome? Look for the street markets on Saturdays and be sure to shop the Farmer’s market. Having several grocery stores in the neighborhood is also extremely convenient.