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Moving to Little Brazil in NYC

Not to be confused with the Little Brazil located in Astoria, Queens, NYC’s Little Brazil is literally little. No, seriously, it consists of a single block in Midtown Manhattan— 46th Street between Fifth and 6Th Avenues. This one-block radius area is less of a neighborhood and more of a dining spot for zesty and vibrant Brazilian food. If you’re moving to the Midtown, Manhattan area—we strongly suggest you check out Little Brazil for some great eats!

Little Brazil, NYC: Then & Now

In the 1960s, Little Brazil was sprinkled with Portuguese hairdressers and numerous Brazilian dining options and shops. Storefronts proudly hung both American and Brazilian flags, and photos of Pele—Brazil’s well-known soccer star extraordinaire— decorated shop windows.

The once lively and thriving Manhattan block bursting with Brazilian memoirs and symbolisms now hosts but a few Brazilian establishments: Via Brasil, Ipanema and Emporium Brasil.

Emporium Brasil’s, Bruno Cardoso, has been managing the restaurant and catering establishment since its opening as a pastry snack bar almost 30 years ago. If you’re moving to Little Brazil, be sure to stop and view their menu— it’s doused in authentic Brazilian cuisine options that will make your mouth water at first sight.

As described by Eric Asimov of the NY Times, “Brazil is a rich well of culinary diversity, blending the ingredients and techniques of the native South Americans with the cooking techniques of its Portuguese, African and Asian immigrants.” …And boy, does it show. Ipanema has been called the best Brazilian restaurant in all of NYC. Restaurant affiliates are proud of their culinary cross between Brazilin zest and timeless Portuguese dishes.  Ipanema, located right in the heart of Little Brazil, is open 7 days a week from 12pm-10pm.

Brazilian Day in Manhattan

This one little block is given the credit it’s due once per year at perhaps the area’s most well-known event: Brazilian Day. This day is a celebration of Brazilian culture that attracts over 1.5 million and takes up more than 25 blocks of space surrounding Little Brazil. The celebration began in 1984 by founder Joao DeMatos. Modern Brazilian Day brings people together from all different nations across the world to celebrate a culture rich in life, music, great food, and loved ones.

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