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Moving to Flower District

Smell the Roses: Moving to NYC’s Flower District

It’s very easy to get lost in the concrete jungle of NYC. That being said, it’s even easier to get lost amidst the one block radius of NYC’s green sanctuary—the Flower District.  The Flower District sits within the neighborhood of Chelsea (crosslink to Chelsea neigh page please). and is the epicenter of the US’s multibillion-dollar floral industry. The area is tasked with transporting flowers to the households and workplaces of Manhattan’s wealthiest and most powerful.

If you’re moving towards West 28thStreet between 6thand 7thAvenues, aka the Flower District, it seems you’re not the only one! The district, which once housed over 65 wholesale flower shops, is being populated with condominiums and hotels. According to Citi Habitats data shared on Bloomberg, the Flower District has seen a 15% increase in rent on average over the last 10 years and plays host to. With an area hosting one of the highest monthly rental costs in NYC, you’re going to need an affordable moving company to move into your new digs. There’s only one option which, lucky for you, happens to be the leading option in moving companies across NYC—Shleppers Moving & Storage. We’ll move you into your new place in Manhattan’s Flower District quicker and easier than you can say, “daffodil.”

Decorators and floral artists head to the Flower District to enjoy the wholesale shops filled with the freshest of flowers in the city. The area is known best for supplying flowers to runway shows for Fashion Week, lavish barbeques in the Hamptons, tycoon campaigns at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and soon, your very own dining room table!

However, every rose has its thorn. An­­ important note on moving into the Flower District: the whirl of real estate activity in the area has overtaken once valuable parking lots. If you’re considering moving into the area with a car in tow, you should read our blog:

Floral Fun Fact

A little floral fun fact about your new district: The Flower District is the inheritor of a tradition that began in the 1800s. Now known as the Chelsea Flower Market, NYC’s floral trade started on East 34thStreet’s ferry dock, where wholesalers would receive flowers grown on Long Island and transported by ferry to Manhattan. The wholesalers would then disperse throughout the city to sell to retailers, but as cut flowers rose in demand, they relocated to West 28thStreet because that’s where all the wealthy buyers hung out. By the mid-1900s, the flower market was, pun intended, “blooming” with roughly 60 vendors. By 1977, NYC became the most popular place to buy and sell flowers in the world—second only to Amsterdam!

If you’re looking to live in NYC’s Flower District, you better wake up and smell the roses! No NYC moving company is going to smell sweeter than Shleppers Moving & Storage. Contact NYC’s top moving company today!