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Moving to Chelsea

Chelsea: She’s Got it All

Trendsetters. Socialites. Trailblazers…

Welcome. You’ve just entered Chelsea- a Manhattan neighborhood with some of the city’s best real estate.

If you’re one of the fortunate souls who is moving to Chelsea, you’re in for a real treat. Chelsea boasts TONS of activities to participate in and experiences to be had; with everything from a 30-foot-tall park that’s open to the public, to delicious eats and a myriad of physical activity options.

Then & Now

Chelsea was once owned by an entrepreneurial Englishman by the name of Thomas Clarke. Clarke purchased the “ten-square-block-span” of property near the water in New York and named it Chelsea, after a soldier’s home near London.

The original Chelsea spanned between 8th and 10th Avenues and 19th and 24th Streets. Thomas Clarke may have initially purchased this chunk of land, but it was his grandson, Clement Clarke Moore (the author of The Night Before Christmas) who divided the original land in the 1830s and is considered to be its founder. With Moore as Chelsea’s property owner, the Hudson River Railroad tracks were laid along 10th Avenue and influenced the area greatly. Lumberyards, warehouses, industry and the world’s first elevated train was constructed to run from Battery Park, up 9th Avenue. This would later become the iconic High Line – a mile-long park open to the public that features beautiful works of art.

In 1884, in what was then considered to be NYC’s theatre district, 23rd Street gained the famous Hotel Chelsea. Created to close the gap between class divisions and to appreciate the arts. Hotel Chelsea became a major influencer of the neighborhood’s artistic nature. Since the early 1800s, Chelsea has expanded to nearly six times its original size and has been scaled up by waves of gentrification.

Today, Chelsea is famous for a myriad of galleries, museums and activities to partake in. Characterized as one of the most eclectic and desirable neighborhoods in Manhattan, its 200-year history is filled with industrialization and gentrification events that transformed it into the high-end, artsy neighborhood it is today.

“I Remember You Well in The Chelsea Hotel…”

Interchangeably known as “Hotel Chelsea” and “The Chelsea Hotel,” the infamous hotel served as the epitome of bohemian living and played host to musicians, artists and writers such as Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Patti Smith.

Designated as a NYC landmark from 1966 to 2011, Hotel Chelsea is currently being renovated and plans to reopen as a hotel-condo combination some time in 2018.

Get an inside look at some of the renovations pictured here.

The High Line Life

As previously mentioned, the High Line is an elevated railway that has morphed into a unique and lucrative restoration project. Enjoy gorgeous gardens, public art and unmatched views year-round all at thirty feet above street level.

Highline Ballroom

As a concert venue and local night club, Highline Ballroom hosts a wide array of events that cover almost every night of the week. From rock bands, to jazz ensembles, to dancing, Highline Ballroom has it all.

Chelsea Piers

The Chelsea Piers complex stretches along six blocks on the side of the Hudson River. Rock climbing, baseball, beach volleyball, yoga, gold, bowling…chances are, if it has a ball involved, Chelsea Piers has it!

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