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Moving Hacks You Should Not Move Without

We recently contributed to a great article “8 Moving Hacks That Make Life Worth Living” on SheKnows.com. We think they’re pretty awesome moving tips–and hope you do too. But we had a few more on our list that didn’t make it in… so here they are, exclusively for you!

  • Pack Separately For The First Days

    – Pretend like you’re going on a vacation—what do you need ASAP? From phone chargers and daily medicine to your laptop and toiletries, some things don’t need to be packed in boxes—they need to be packed in a suitcase. Set aside living essentials to make your life much easier upon arrival.

  • Move Cushions and Pillows Separately

    – If you’re not using a moving company (who will wrap your furniture to protect pillows and keep them together), move your pillows and cushions separate from your furniture. Put them in protective bags or in moving boxes—it will make your furniture easier to carry and keep items less likely from falling and getting separated. After all, your couch throw pillows will most certainly take a swan dive off your couch right as you step over last night’s muddy rain puddle.

  • Box Up Lamps

    – No one ever thinks of their lamps—especially not floor lamps! But they require some serious protection in a moving truck. They’re top heavy and easily broken. Wrap them in protective blankets (ok, your throw blankets if you need), surround them with specialty boxes and keep them safe.

  • Keep Clothes on Hangers

    – You can use wardrobe boxes to transport hanging items on their hanger and in the order you keep them in your closet… or, if you don’t feel like shelling out the cash for wardrobe boxes (check with your mover to see if they’ll provide some too!), you can get creative by poking holes in the bottom of black garbage bags to create a “cheap” garment bag and transport clothes that way.