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Moving from New York to New Jersey

Just across the Hudson from New York is New Jersey. More and more people are choosing to move to New Jersey from New York for cheaper housing and nice towns, while still maintaining a quick commute into the city. Shleppers has locations in both New York and New Jersey to better serve you.

The George Washington Bridge is a pain, but at least Shleppers does not charge extra for the toll routes!

New York has five boroughs, each bustling with its own excitement. In terms of moving out to New Jersey, Shleppers offers moving services out of each of the boroughs. They are as follows:


New York’s busiest and most lively borough is where much of our New Jersey bound clientele works and commutes to everyday from New Jersey. It is the financial and business center not only of the five boroughs but of the world.


Located southwest of Manhattan, Queens is the home to the Island’s two airports. It is is geographically the largest borough and is also the most diverse county in the USA in terms of ethnicity


Brooklyn has the highest population of all five boroughs. It is diverse culturally, socially, economically, and ethnically, giving something to everyone who stays.

The Bronx:

The Bronx is the only borough that is off the New York Island and is home to the Bronx Zoo. There is a Shleppers located at The Bronx at 310 Walton Ave!

Staten Island:

Staten Island is the most suburban and least populated of the five boroughs. It is separated from the rest of NYC by the New York Bay but a free ferry service is offered with transportation into Manhattan.

There are many reasons why one might move to New Jersey. Some of the reasons to move are as follows: cost effective, real estate opportunities, train accessibility into Manhattan, change of pace, sense of community.

New Jersey is a small place with many cities. Some cities to consider moving to for a life in New Jersey are:


Hoboken is a very diverse city. It is like a city but also offers a small town charm feel. The best of both worlds. It has safe areas and different suburbs depending on your personal needs. It offers good schools and their schools have some of the highest graduation rates in the country.

Jersey City:

Jersey City has some of the best people, food, and culture in all of the state. You can see Manhattan from one of their many parks. Your money can get you a really lovely home, townhome, brownstone, or condo. It offers the PATH train which goes straight onto New York island proving for a seamless commute.


Elizabeth is the home to our New Jersey Shleppers location. It is proud to be one of America’s Greenest Cities. It has affordable rent and is located directly south of the Newark airport. It has good transportation, shopping, and schools. Some of its best neighbourhoods are Elmora and Elmora Hills. Elizabeth also is home to many parks and recreational services.


Location Summary

Location Address Phone
New Jersey 107 Trumbull St., Bldg S13, Elizabeth NJ, 07206 (201) 227-2001
New York City 920 E 149th St
Bronx, NY 10455
(212) 223-4004
Westchester, NY 440 Mamaroneck Avenue Suite 503, Harrison, NY 10528 (914) 684-0606

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