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Moving Companies In The News – How to Avoid Negative Moving Experiences

“Moving Companies In The News” Or as I call it, “How to Avoid Negative Moving Experiences”

New York, March 15 2016

A move does not begin on the day of closing, nor the day you receive the keys to your new home. Not the day the truck is loaded, and not even the day that the boxes begin to be packed. It starts much earlier. A huge part of moving is the research. Before moving, research is essential to ensure reliable services and a successful experience. However, it is extremely difficult, while preparing to move, to not come across at least some horror stories. It can be intimidating and frightening to embark on such a large task like a move. You aren’t alone either, 38.7 million Americans move annually. But don’t worry, because Shleppers is always there to assist you in all your moving needs. All across the nation, dedicated movers are waiting to help you. But in the meantime, here are some tips and tricks to avoid negative moving experiences, such as finding the right movers, how to be cost efficient, and how to make the transition into your new home as smooth as possible.


1. Avoiding bad moving companies

bad-movers-broken-box-of-dishesThere are quite a few signs of a bad moving company to be aware of. Like most services, there are a few bad apples in the bunch which go around taking people’s money as an unlicensed and unexperienced organization. These companies will often ask for a large deposit, and over 10% is unacceptable. Another way to avoid a bad moving company is to, of course, do preliminary research. Shleppers has achieved stellar reviews since 1978, and everyday our success rate grows. Thanks to the internet, it is easier to spot a bad moving company by negative reviews. A moving company must gather the clientele’s trust and without that trust there is simply no deal.

2. Sell your extra stuff that goes unused

foodbanknyMoving is, and cannot be sugar coated, an expensive endeavour. The process of buying and closing on a house is often very expensive and strains one’s wallet. This frequently leads to the mover skimping on other elements of the move, such as hiring a moving company. Do not skimp on a moving company and put your belongings (and peace of mind) in jeopardy in order to save a few dollars. Instead, selling or donating one’s old furniture and other belongings will prove to be a double benefit, for one can have more space in the new home and a few extra dollars to dedicate to the areas of one’s move that need it most.

3. Storage is key

Storage ServicesIf you’re renting an apartment, having a storage unit can be as expensive as the cost of one’s actual home. Chances are, many of one’s first apartments simply do not have the space to accommodate a lifetime of belongings. Shleppers has offices in Miami, New York, Los Angeles, and New Jersey, where storage can be limited and costly. It is worth it to take storage items into a more rural area, such as a suburb, for more cost effective storage facilities and bigger spaces. Although it may be further, you will be able to save some money and feel confident that all required items are safe in storage. If they’re in storage, they may not be needed, but those extra dollars in your wallet sure are.

4. Finding your own place!

moving between winter and summer homesThis option may not be for everyone, but it is definitely one to consider. Real estate agents are costly and with the internet ever growing, there is a lot of property listed and tons of opportunity. Going solo on the job hunt has many positive elements. It gives the buyer freedom to look around, which avoids the pressure of an agent trying to make a sale. Often, an agent interrupts the thought process, which makes finding one’s dream home a rushed and unpleasant experience. By going without an agent, the buyer is able to shop on their own time and adhere to personal taste, style, and schedule. Not to mention, this option saves a lot of money in agent fees, which can be put towards rent, mortgage, and everything in between.