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Living in Manhattan’s Central Harlem

Central Harlem is a NYC neighborhood located in the borough of Manhattan. The district runs from the Harlem River to beyond the northern end of Central Park. Central Harlem, filled with breathtaking architecture and extensive history, is pulsing with change and revitalizing growth.

Residents & Icons

Central Harlem has a varied population that mirrors NYC’s history. Previous residents of Central Harlem include Maya Angelou and Langston Hughes. Additionally, Central Harlem is home to the Apollo Theater. The Apollo Theater is a playhouse boasting a long list of musical icons including Smokey Robinson, James Brown and Aretha Franklin!

Living Spaces & Costs in Central Harlem

Central Harlem is made up of modern condos and historic town homes—both of which can be found at very affordable rates. A Central Harlem local once referred to the area as, “the last affordable oases in the borough”. This is due to ever-increasing rents and gentrification in many Manhattan neighborhoods.

If you’re moving to this district from another NYC neighborhood, get ready to be shocked and in awe of how much more you can get for your money in Central Harlem. Additionally, Harlem is much more accessible to Midtown than the majority of other NYC neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Queens—so be prepared for notably better commute times!

Things to Experience

Central Harlem’s Restaurant Row is overflowing with magnificent dining establishments. Furthermore, Central Harlem has some of the best soul food in NYC. You can learn more about where to eat by checking out some Central Harlem dining suggestions here.

The Question of Safety

 Harlem has come with a reputation of unsafety for a very long time. However, the district does not necessarily deserve such a reputation. Harlem’s crime rates in 2016 were only mildly higher than the crime rates of Fort Greene and Clinton Hill—two Brooklyn neighborhoods well-known for their safety.

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