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Living in Manhattan Valley


Manhattan Valley is located between West 96th Street and West 110th Street, Broadway and Central Park. It features classic New York City architecture to the north and modernized buildings of Columbus Square to the south. The sloping side streets and avenues give it a distinct vibe that differentiates it from much of the rest of the island. Manhattan Valley is a part of the Upper West Side that was once also known as the Bloomingdale District. In an attempt to revitalize the neighborhood, the area was renamed and today Manhattan Valley features its own distinct identity.

What You’ll Find

Manhattan Valley is one of the most diverse towns in NYC, with roughly 50,000 people in the community. Besides the largely diverse population, Manhattan Valley has many other great perks. The proximity to Central Park, Morningside Park, access to multiple subway lines, and an abundance of distinguished restaurants are some of Manhattan Valley’s main attractions. The area along Central Park is peaceful, with joggers, and parents with children entering or leaving the park. Whereas, further towards Broadway is a vast commercial area where many people in Manhattan Valley find themselves going. Manhattan Valley has a great mix of peaceful, beautiful areas along with many lively shops, bars and restaurants.

Moving to and Living in Manhattan Valley

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