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Life Changes: Moving Out of New York City

Congratulations on your new job! Or was it your partner’s new job? Or did your one-bedroom NYC apartment suddenly become too small/expensive/noisy? Whatever the reason you have for moving out of New York City or the surrounding boroughs it’s a decision that will bring some huge changes for you and your family.

If you’re moving to Westchester, Long Island or New Jersey, here are some changes you want to be prepared for as you adjust to life in the suburbs.


Uber is taking over the world, but hailing a yellow cab, jumping on a cross-town bus, or riding the A Train will be a thing of the past (until you come back to NYC). Now you need a car. So dust off your driver’s license and check your credit score, you are going car shopping. We suggest you think about purchasing your car before you move. This will make moving a bit easier. Though we try to be as prepared as possible when you arrive at your new home you’ll most likely need to run to a store to get something you forgot or something in box you mislabeled.

More Space.

Unless you were a trust fund baby, you are probably used to making do with limited space in your NYC apartment. That’s about to change. Welcome to a life with a real living room, an eat-in kitchen, and a bedroom. One of our favorite reasons for extra space is now you can shop at Costco.

Nature Sounds.

Living in New York City means city noises; honking car horns, street cleaners and garbage trucks at various times of the day or night. Moving to the suburbs of New York, New Jersey or Connecticut means hearing the sounds of nature; leaves rustling and birds chirping.

Less Stress.

Some people say moving outside of NYC means living a more stress-free life. And did we mention we know the perfect moving company to help get you started? If you want a great, stress free move, get a mover with experience with moving families out of New York City. Shleppers Moving and Storage has over 40 years of experience and offers packing, moving, storage and unpacking services so you can focus on acclimating your family to life outside the City.

Enjoy your new home!