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How To Pack Your Kitchen Without Driving Yourself Nuts

The kitchen is easily one of the most difficult rooms to pack when moving. From fragile dishes and oddly shaped appliances to sharp cutlery and miscellaneous odds and ends, even seasoned moving customers dread packing up the kitchen. Of course, the easiest option is to simply add packing services by your moving company but if you’re set on going it alone, here are some tips for how to pack up your kitchen without driving yourself nuts.

Pack Fragile and Rarely Used Items First

If you have fine china that needs particular attention or specialty cutlery that you rarely use, start with these items first. You will be most attentive in the earliest stages of packing and will make sure to wrap each item with care and precision. Make sure to label your boxes clearly so that everyone who handles the boxes knows that the items need to be handled with care.

Use Clean White Newsprint To Protect Items

A common mistake is to wrap items in regular newspaper. The problem with doing so is it leaves your dishes and silverware in need of serious cleaning upon arrival in your new home. Unless you relish the opportunity to clean every single kitchen item you have while unpacking the rest of your home, using clean white newsprint will not only help ensure the safety of your dishes but the cleanliness too.

Sort Items By Like Type and Size

Do you have bowls and dishes that stack? The best way to efficiently pack boxes is to make sure to keep items that stack and fit together. Be careful to separate each with protective wrapping to prevent chips and breaks, but stack them together to pack correctly and improve safety.

Label Fragile Boxes Clearly On All Sides

Mark all moving boxes containing fragile items in bold, large letters on every side of the box to make sure that there is no mistaking them. Pack boxes thoroughly and stuff empty space with newsprint or clean towels to prevent boxes from collapsing under the weight of other materials. Make sure to label which side is up and if boxes must be kept on top of box piles.

Use Special Packaging For Large Appliances

Items like blenders and toaster ovens don’t move easily in standard cardboard boxes. In an ideal world, you may still have the original packaging and protective materials—but in all likelihood you’re going to need to improvise for most of them. You can wrap them in towels and fill space in boxes or you can wrap in thick moving blankets to protect them as much as possible. Be sure to identify any special objects to movers to help ensure appliances are handled carefully.