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How To Move From New York To Los Angeles Like A Native

We travel the New York to Los Angeles route quite a bit, running trailers to help coordinate many long distance moves for our bicoastal urbanites. Since New York and Los Angeles are pretty different locations, we thought we would help get new residents off on the right foot by going right to the source and finding out top native tips for moving to Los Angeles from New York from our own moving customers. Have any to add? Let us know in the comments!

  • Get into hiking—

    or at least get used to hearing about it as “something to do”.

  • Start realigning yourself from public transportation to personal transportation—

    traffic is a very different animal on the 405 than it is on the Lexington Ave express train. Simple terms—you will likely need a car. And, possibly, live close to work.

  • If you like native food and native food trucks, rest easy—

    Los Angeles has you covered.

  • There are a lot of sights but they are not close together.

    You’re going to need to remember this part—moving from a small, dense island to literally anywhere else is going to be an adjustment. Things are simply farther from each other. Check out this list of sights to help plan ahead.

  • You need to plan ahead.

    Unlike in New York, where things jump out at you, Los Angeles’ treasures and finds can seem… nearly hidden. Ask locals, do your research and make plans—don’t forget, you’re driving now so you’re less likely to simply “discover” something walking around the next corner.

  • Take it down a notch.

    Yes, Hollywood glamour is alive and well but the general southern California culture is more relaxed and laid back than New York. Opt for more casual clothing and remember to work in some outdoor and “healthy” activities, from perusing farmers’ markets to taking in some free outdoor yoga. It may sound like something out of a movie—but it is life for some!

  • That casual extends past leisure activities.

    Face facts, not everyone in Los Angeles is in the entertainment industry (we swear!). But, even those in business are more likely to show the buttoned-up east coast what business casual really means. After all, how are you going to easily transition from work to your evening yoga class in a three-piece suit?

  • Embrace the healthy—

    outdoors, activity and exercise, combined with the amazing fresh produce to be found all over at some of the best farmers’ markets you will ever see. Keep a stock of reusable bags in your brand new (ok, gently used) personal car and have at it—after all, you’re a Los Angelino now!