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Getting Settled In A New Home Before The School Year

Summer is the height of moving season because most families prefer to coordinate moves around their children’s school schedules. It prevents mid-year disruption and is especially helpful to do during the summer break if the move is to another school district. However, whether you moved in June or finalized your new home mere days before the start of the new school year, you will still want to get settled quickly so your children can have an easier start in their new school. From getting unpacked to coordinating new schedules, we have prepared some helpful tips to get you settled in your new home.

1. Prioritize Your Unpacking

Your kids’ rooms are undoubtedly going to be your first stop. Making sure their beds, desks and dressers are setup will go a long way in making sure they can get ready for school and do their homework. Don’t worry about final touches or decorations—you will have time to hang that huge decal eventually. But make sure clothes are out of boxes, pens and paper are in desk drawers and alarm clocks are near beds.

2. Locate Your Local Resources

You are going to need to know where to buy school supplies, groceries and basic items just about immediately after your arrival. Locate a nearby pharmacy, grocery store and supply store to make sure you have items at your disposal right away.

3. Keep Old Habits Consistent

You may feel frazzled with all of the moving tasks but in all likelihood so are your children. While it is probably tempting to throw routine out the window in an effort to get everything done, it will be better for everyone’s sanity if you keep traditions and habits in your regular routine. This means if you always had pancake breakfast on the first day of school make sure to keep that tradition in your new home. Your children will be especially happy to feel they can count on things even though their home has changed.

4. Take Time To Include Fun Activities

Again, you may be tempted to power through your unpacking. But your new neighborhood has exciting new activities and events for you to check out—and everyone in your family will be happier to take breaks and enjoy your new neighborhood. Fall festivals and fairs are common in many areas—keep an eye on the local paper or even banners and notifications in and around your town. Be especially diligent about attending family-oriented events at the new school or around town so your children can see new classmates and have additional opportunities to make new friends quickly.

5. Hire Professionals To Handle As Much As Possible

From unpacking your kitchen to managing all of your address changes, you would be amazed how many professional services are there to cater to your moving-related needs. Our clients benefit from our packing and unpacking services, as well as our Updater platform at shleppers.updater.com that allows you to manage all your address and subscription updates in one place.