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Moving to Carnegie Hall

How Do You (REALLY) Get to Carnegie Hall?

You know the old joke, right? One man asks another “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?”  The second replies, “Practice!” It’s funny because Carnegie Hall is one of the most famous performance spaces in the world.  Built in 1891, Carnegie Hall has always been a home for classical music; today, music fans go to Carnegie Hall to hear orchestras play, opera singers do their thing, and some of the world’s biggest rock stars let loose.

But you can’t live in Carnegie Hall. The closest you can get is living in Midtown Manhattan – Seventh Avenue, specifically – which is very glamorous, upscale, and as you can imagine, expensive. Considering a three bedroom in this part of New York will set you back more than $7K per month, it pays to think small. Downsizing your possessions to fit into a more affordable place can result in thousands of dollars in savings – there’s a reason many Midtown residents rent storage units as their off-site closets!

Besides the radical downsizing, there are other ways to save money on your move to Midtown Manhattan, including:

Schedule Smart: The best time to move in midtown is the middle of the week, in the middle of the month. If your schedule allows for this, take advantage of the cost savings opportunity. Moves at the beginning and end of the month are more expensive, due to increased demand and limited availability.


Ditch Your Kitchen Gear: Unless you are a die-hard, enthusiastic foodie who loves to cook, there’s no reason to outfit a full kitchen in Midtown. Most people eat out regularly – it’s easier than trying to source ingredients from the spattering of small food stores in the area, transporting everything home on the train, and then having to cook. As an added bonus? You never have to worry about washing the dishes.

Work with an Experienced NYC Moving Company: Shleppers has been NYC’s top relocation company for over 40 years. We know how to work with building management, local parking restrictions, and Midtown’s challenging traffic patterns to make your move simple and stress free. Need more information? Click here to get the details. (Link to quote page)