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5 Tips for Last Minute Moving in New York City

Moving can be an adventure. It can also be a pain in the tush. Moving in and around NYC is even more challenging—with restricted parking, tight floor plans, endless stairs, pre-war elevators, yada yada—you have one tough chore before you. And if your move must be a last minute move, moving in NYC can easily become a nightmare.

However, as with everything else, a little forethought and planning can go a long way to make the experience as pain free as possible.

Five tips for a pain free move:

Start Amassing Boxes and Packing Materials1. If you are packing yourself, the first thing you need is boxes, boxes and more boxes.

You can buy them or you can ask for them from local retail stores, especially liquor stores. Liquor store boxes are perfect for packing books. They are sturdy, compact and the right size to be liftable when full.

2. Next, if you are packing yourself, I strongly suggest you get a packing tape dispenser.

If you’ve never used one of these babies, you are in for a treat. They seal everything neatly. All you do is zip and tear. And you’ll never have to search for the nearly invisible end of the tape that gets stuck to the roll every time you go to seal a new box.

3. Label everything.

Even if you only have one item in the box, or you think you have the memory of an elephant, you will lose track when all of your belongings are hidden in plain brown cardboard.

4. Pitch the junk, clutter, dusty tchotchkes, dated clothing, pictures of old flames, etc.

Moving is an opportunity to start fresh. And you will have less to move which will save you money too. So call Good Will, or leave it to the dumpster divers, but let the junk go.

5. Find a mover who knows moving in NYC and let them do the work.

Face it, if you have a last minute move to make, you really don’t want to be wasting time scouring NYC for boxes, right? What you need is a full service moving and storage company that can handle any move, including a last minute move in NYC, with boxes and accessories delivery if you pack on your own, packing, unpacking, furniture disassembly and assembly, TV installation, garbage removal, storage services, and finally assisting with moving your utilities and address updates.

Shleppers Moving & Storage has been helping people move in NYC since 1978 performing successfully all the above services, which means they’ve been around the block, and probably every block including yours, more than a few times.

Hiring a full service moving and storage company like Shleppers Moving & Storage instead of doing it yourself is the tip that will really make your last minute move as pain free as possible.