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Moving to Koreatown

Living in Koreatown

Hidden away in Midtown Manhattan between 5th and 6th Avenues on 32nd Street, K-Town is filled from top to bottom with Korean commerce, from cafés to karaoke bars.  K-Town is in many ways like a Korean version of Times Square that is flooded with infinite chains and franchises.  Here, businesses are stacked vertically which is reminiscent of Korean cities and the culture that remains.

History Behind K-Town

Stuffing over 100 shops, cafes, and businesses into a small one-block radius, Koreatown is an essential location to visit in Manhattan’s Midtown.  Originally, there was no official proposal to create a Koreatown, but overtime, with the heavy influx of Koreans and their businesses and stores, the area rapidly became known for its Korean culture.  In 1995, an area along 32nd street became officially recognized as Korea Way as it is the most commercially dense part of K-Town.

Moving to Koreatown

Shleppers Moving & Storage will gladly assist you in the process of moving to Koreatown.  It is a great location that is always booming with new businesses and high foot traffic.  There is never a dull moment in Koreatown with countless sights, stores, and activities for all ages.  If you’re looking to move to Koreatown, hire Shleppers full-service movers in NYC.

In addition to our moving services, we also offer junk removal. Make your move to Koreatown smoother by getting rid of your unwanted items before you arrive in your new home.  Fast and affordable, you’ll be glad you didn’t end up with boxes of junk that will never be unpacked.

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