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Moving to the Meatpacking District


Meatpacking District: Uniquely New York City

So, you’re interested in moving to, or have just moved to, the Meatpacking District.  This round the clock NYC neighborhood sits on the west side of Manhattan island, north of West Village and south of Chelsea. As New York City’s top relocation company, trust us when we say that we’ve been in, out and all around the 5 boroughs—but in all of our experience, we’ve never known a NYC neighborhood to have a specially dedicated website. Enter: The Meatpacking District—a NYC neighborhood so ideal, so inspiring, that it warrants the creation of an official website for all it has to offer.

The “Meat” of Meatpacking: What to Expect from this NYC Neighborhood

The population diversity of the Meatpacking District is just as eclectic as the industries found within it. Meatpacking has been shaped over the last 20 years as professionals from industries such as fashion, architecture, dining, and art have populated the area among standing meatpacking plants.

The Meatpacking District has been described by locals as a link between all innovative things that are symbolically New York. Possessing an impressive collection of industries from tech to arts to fashion and design, the Meatpacking District is a Manhattan neighborhood that brilliantly blends business and personal. If you’re looking to set up shop in the Meatpacking District, either residentially or for a commercial move, Shleppers Moving & Storage is the efficient, affordable, and trustworthy moving company for the job!

Why “Meatpacking”? A Brief History

With a name like “Meatpacking District”, there’s sure to be some straightforward, interesting history involved in this NYC neighborhood. Let’s take a look at the breakdown of the last 200 years or so…

1820s: Residents first moved into tenements in the area to flee epidemics in the central part of NY.

1840s: Markets sprung up within the district

1884: Two acres of land are named after Revolutionary War hero General Peter Gansevoort. The district transformed into a produce market— later shifting into a meat market with the advances of refrigeration. Later, the Gansevoort Market would become a commercial district.

1900: The area is populated by 250 butcheries and packing plants.

1930s: Established slaughterhouses generated America’s third-largest quantity of dressed meats.

Early 20thCentury: NYC subsidized the meatpacking industry in order to preserve the direct supply of fresh meat and jobs.

Present Day:  The progressing Meatpacking District still retains 5 operational meatpacking companies

Must See & Do in Meatpacking

The Meatpacking District is chock full of all different types of experiences; there truly is something for everyone in this Manhattan neighborhood. Perhaps the most convenient way to familiarize with the long list of places to check out in your new neighborhood is by visiting its website’s “Places” page. Enjoy this easy to navigate breakdown of shops, restaurants, wellness, tech, arts & culture establishments and more— all in one place for the most convenient reference.

A must-see destination within Meatpacking includes the park in the sky—the High Line, which begins on Gansevoort Street.  The neighborhood also boasts theWhitney Museum, one of NYC’s most highly respected institutions for the arts.

Enjoy the annual fall Harvest Fest 2018 in the Meatpacking District! Harvest Fest partners up with Chelsea Market to sell, display, and sample one-of-a-kind crafts and treats for Fall! This fun, free event is bursting at the seams with creative talent for your viewing pleasure. Head to the Meatpacking District from 11am-4pm on Saturday, November 3, 2018 to enjoy just one of the many recreational activities available to you in this NYC neighborhood!

If Harvest Fest doesn’t sound like your idea of fall-weekend fun, check out the long list of other events and happenings in Meatpacking here! This district hosts everything from Lululemon yoga classes on Sundays to a Tory Burch Foundation Pop-up shop! 

Moving to Meatpacking

If we haven’t convinced you that moving to Manhattan’s Meatpacking District would be one of the best decisions you’ve made in a while, lend us your ears (or eyes). With over 30 years of experience making moves in Manhattan, Shleppers will make your relocating to Meatpacking look as simple and effortless as this neighborhood’s obvious sense of cool.

In summary, whether you’re moving to the Meatpacking District from another local NYC neighborhood, or you’re coming into town from a location outside of the 5 boroughs, Shleppers is the moving company you’ve been looking for! Don’t waste time on shady moving companies who can’t prove their reliability. Shleppers maintains all of the necessary licenses and credentials needed to give you peace of mind throughout your move.

Make the right choice, the first time! Request a quote today and get started on your move to Manhattan’s Meatpacking District with Shleppers Moving & Storage!

Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating
- Samantha Stiles
Shleppers made our move pain free and easy. Everyone was a pleasure to deal with. We had to remove a piece of furniture 2 days before the move, and they made it hassle-free. I would definitely use them again!”
- Samantha Stiles
Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating
- Samantha Stiles
Shleppers made our move pain free and easy. Everyone was a pleasure to deal with. We had to remove a piece of furniture 2 days before the move, and they made it hassle-free. I would definitely use them again!”
- Samantha Stiles