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Why is a moving company better than U-Haul?

The classic scene of moving day: renting a giant U-Haul truck, and cramming the entire contents of your house into every nook and cranny. Each year, millions of Americans need to transport contents from one location to another. In Manhattan, this is often a tiring process. With crowded city streets and urban streetscape, navigating large quantities of items proves difficult.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. We founded Shleppers in 1978 with just one truck; since then, it has grown to be one of New York’s largest shipping companies with service all across the country. Shleppers provides door-to-door service, with dedicated, hardworking staff to serve your every need. A superior alternative to U-Haul, leaving clients pampered and greatly assisting in moving contents.

Unlike U-Haul, which leaves clients to do the dirty work on their own, a moving company like Shleppers allows for serenity. The moving company ensures everything gets done efficiently and properly, from packing to organization and beyond.


Moving companies allow for an easy, hassle free-move. Shleppers will pick up, transport and drop off your stuff worry-free and efficiently. Unlike the uncertainty of renting a U-Haul truck, you are guaranteed a risk-free easy experience with Shleppers. With competitive pricing and quick service, using a moving company only makes sense. All across the country from New York to Florida, Shleppers is here to simplify your shipping needs and help you enjoy your moving experience.

Note: U-Haul is a trademark of U-Haul International Inc.