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Understanding the Moving Site Survey

Before we undertake any NYC moving job, whether it’s residential or commercial, we’ll send a member of the Shleppers’ team to your location to conduct a site survey. People are often confused about what a site survey is, and why it’s necessary, so we’re writing this article to let you know what to expect.

What is a Site Survey?

A site survey is the process our professional moving team uses to understand everything they need to know about your move in advance of actually moving your stuff. This includes an inventory of the items that need to be moved, including notes about their size, weight, and anything else that may require us to bring specific equipment or delegate particular team members to your move.

For example, moving a grand piano requires a deep understanding of the instrument’s construction and care requirements. Rather than discover at the last second that you have a grand piano, the site survey alerts us to this fact in advance and ensures we’re prepared to do a good job. We use this opportunity to make sure we have adequate supplies of protective moving blankets, shrink wrap and other supplies on hand during the move to efficiently perform our duties.

Another issue we will look at during the site survey is the physical factors affecting the logistics of the move. Some NYC homes are up three flights of narrow stairs. Others are located on one-way streets. Still others must be completed during certain hours to avoid traffic concerns or to accommodate the needs of businesses operating in the building. Identifying all of these factors in advance is an integral part of the site survey.

Can’t I just tell you all of this stuff myself?

While a home or business owner certainly can and should prepare an inventory prior to a move, the site survey needs to be performed by a member of our team. This is due to the fact that our site surveyors are determining the number and type of resources that will be needed to complete the move successfully. Doing this requires a deep familiarity with our company’s operations and the logistics of completing a move in NYC.

We do require the home or business owner or their designated representative to be on site with us while the site survey is completed. We have found this to be the most efficient way to identify any potential issues with the move in advance, as well as the fastest way to get answers to any questions our team members may have. Of course we will schedule the site survey to meet your needs: please call us for further details!

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