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3 Things to do Before You Arrive at Your New Out-Of-State Address

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, moving can be an adventure. It can also be a pain in the tush. Moving out-of-state is no exception. In fact, the lack of familiarity with your new surroundings can be downright scary. Not “moving west in a covered-wagon” scary, but pretty daunting in its own right. Being the new kid on the block is not as fun as it sounds. Isolation and the lack of helping hands at your destination can make for a potentially miserable experience.

But, as with everything else, a little forethought and planning can go a long way to make the experience as pain free as possible.

Here are three things to do before you arrive at your new out-of-state address:

1. Get virtually connected.

If you are moving alone with a few belongings, you could swing moving out-of-state alone. The scary word here is alone. This is what sets us apart from the pioneers, they weren’t alone. Back then, if most of your fellow travelers survived hostile attacks from pissed off Native Americans and bouts of Cow Pox, you had a few buddies to build a community with. If you don’t have that, get the next best thing, Wi-Fi. Make sure along with all the usual unities, you contact the best internet provider in your area (and it does vary by area) to get set up before you move so your new place is plug and play. In addition, cable TV is second only to water service in my book. You will miss it if you don’t set it up in advance as well.

2. Get connected in person.

Every new town has establishments for new arrivals. Whether it’s the legendary Welcome Wagon, a New Comers Club, a condo association, yada yada, there’s probably a group that will make you feel welcome and show you the ropes of your new neighborhood. There are also community groups for hobbies such as hiking, writing, reading, boating, cooking, hang gliding, whatever, that you can connect with pretty quickly on-line through Meet Ups in your new area. And of course, there’s always church, synagogue, mosque, coven, etc. which are traditionally great places to meet people and perhaps also get involved in charity work. Research the available groups on-line, contact them and introduce yourself and make plans to participate even before you arrive.

3. Get a great moving company.

Okay, say you’re more established, maybe you have a spouse, kids, even an elderly family member in tow, and your move includes bedrooms, a living room, an actual dining room set, yard stuff, your stuff, your kid’s stuff, you spouse’s stuff, great-aunt Agnus’s stuff, in this case you’ll need as much help from a good mover as you can get. What you need is a full service moving and storage company that can handle any move, including an out-of-state move, with packing, storing and unpacking.

Shleppers Moving and Storage has been helping people move in NYC since 1978, which means they’ve seen just about every conceivable out-of-state move. Hiring a full service moving and storage company like Shleppers Moving and Storage instead of doing it yourself is the advanced moving advice that will really make your out-of-state move as pain free as possible.