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The Best NYC Moving Experience

When a move is really awesome, you can’t help but rave about it. This is what happened to our marketing representative’s mother when she recently moved with us late September. It wasn’t a huge move or particularly challenging – she moved from a converted 2 bedroom to a 1 bedroom within the same Upper East Side neighborhood – but we were really happy to hear she had such a great experience. So, with her permission, we’re sharing the details with you, fellow NYC residents.


Kathy was pretty nervous about moving. After all, who isn’t when you hear all the moving horror stories around NYC? She had a notable overlap between apartment occupancies so it helped her get acclimated between apartments over time but it was still a nerve wracking experience. When interviewing movers she needed a competitive price but wanted to work with a mover with a lot of experience and a large fleet. So she narrowed it down to some of the better known movers in NYC—including Shleppers Moving of course—and chose us because we were one of the most competitive prices of the bunch. Plus, she liked the vibe she got from our on site estimator.

Moving Day:

When our truck pulled up outside right on time, Kathy was ecstatic. This is always a great way to start moving day and leaves the customer with a feeling of confidence. Our whole team got to work right away and speedily started moving the entire contents of her apartment into the truck. To give credit where due, Kathy did a pretty great job of packing and organizing before we got there—making our jobs really simple and easy to carry out. Kathy had one sizeable entertainment unit that required special care but we were aware of it before arrival and brought extra blankets and protective materials to ensure it was transported safely.

Within hours, we were on our way to her new apartment a little farther up the UES. Because Kathy had prepared in advance, she knew exactly where she wanted her furniture and boxes placed. Under her direction, we speedily delivered all of her items to her new apartment—without issue or error. From start to finish, the entire move took less than six hours and as per Kathy, “It was really a great move, smoothest ever.”