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Moving to Historic Radio Row in NYC

New York City’s Radio Row district existed from 1921 to 1966, but soon began to undergo new developments.  Radio Row was a warehouse district on the Lower West Side of Manhattan.  Roughly a 13-block stretch going from Barclay Street to Liberty Street, and from Church Street to West Street, was a thriving small business block known as Radio Row.  Radio Row was called that because at this time you could buy a lot of radios, and other appliances, at small shops in this area.  The used radios, war surplus electronics junk, and parts often piled so high they would spill out onto the street and jam pack the stores, attracting collectors and scroungers.  However, soon redevelopments like the World Trade Center began to take over and after World War II many of the businesses either relocated or simply gave up.  Now Radio Row is more modern and urbanized and to New Yorkers known as the lost neighborhood.

Things to See, Things to Do

In the late 1960’s the World Trade Center took over Radio Row and displaced many small businesses in that area.  Even though Radio Row is considered “lost” or “extinct” it still has great attractions nearby to drive in tourists.  The historic district has little remains of what it used to look like because it is modernized.  However, it is a great location and very short distances to parks, the Civic center, Wall Street, and many other national monuments that are towering over the city.  Radio Row was home to many local small business families but unfortunately that ended with the redevelopments of NYC.  Radio Row still holds a lot of significance and rich history to the district that does not go unseen.

Moving to Radio Row

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Featured images from the Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division