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Is It Safe To Put Your Shorts & Summer Clothing in Storage Yet?

Some years, it’s easy to tell when you’re all done with your summer wardrobe. Fall can be frigid in NYC, and when there’s snow spitting down from the sky, the odds are pretty good you’re not going to need your bikini and sundresses. Other years – like this year! – the weather makes you play a guessing game. When it’s super nice one day and chilly the next, how do you know what clothes to put into your NYC storage unit and what to take out?

When You Need Extra Closet Space: Clothing Storage in NYC

New York homes are small. If you have a studio or one bedroom apartment, it may be logistically impossible to keep everything you own in your home. Obviously, you don’t want to get rid of all of your stuff. That’s where storage units come in. Think of your NYC storage unit as an off-site closet – on a square foot basis, it’s much, much cheaper than renting a larger apartment.

Closet Storage

Storage units are ideal for seasonal gear, including clothing, shoes, outerwear, and the fun stuff – thinks like skis and beach umbrellas. Ideally, you’ll want to rent a NYC storage unit that’s well-maintained and secure. 24/7 access is also important, as is proximity to your home. A storage unit that is conveniently located will serve you better than one that is a great distance away – that being said, be aware that as NYC’s best moving company, we will happily pick up your items from storage and deliver them to your home, and vice versa, as needed – just give us a call!

Seasonal Clothing: When To Change Wardrobes

Since we’re a moving company, and not exactly high fashion experts, we turned to the pros for advice about the right time to change seasonal wardrobes. It turns out they’re just as confused as the rest of us. It’s hard to give up your favorite warm weather gear, but it’s also hard to want your favorite cozy sweater only to remember it’s in the storage unit.

Summer Clothing

One way to approach this is to transition your wardrobe gradually. Bring over those summer clothes you’re 100% sure you’re not going to be wearing right now, while keeping your favorite pieces in your place. Bring your sweaters, warm pants, and fashion boots out of storage now – but hold off on bringing your heavy winter coat and snow gear home until you know for sure you’re going to need it. This can mean making two or three trips to your storage unit instead of just one, but if it increases the joy you get from your wardrobe, it’s worth it!