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Living in Union Square

Union Square: Then and Now

Union Square is an enticing neighborhood situated in Manhattan, stretching from 14th to 17th street and from 4th avenue to University Place.  It is in a great location surrounded by lively neighborhoods such as Gramercy, the Flatiron District, East Village, and Greenwich Village.  Over time, this neighborhood has become a very popular area because of its namesake pedestrian plaza, and bustling park which attracts thousands of tourists, musicians, entertainers, students, etc.  The area has become more gentrified and updated as the surrounding streets are lined with big-name chain stores, luxury hotels, high rise apartments, and a string of well-known establishments.

What Attracts People to Union Square, Manhattan

There are plenty of things to see and do if you choose to move to the lively Union Square neighborhood.  When you live in Union Square, you will encounter various street vendors selling an array of foods, students and protestors at an event, musicians, and other street artists.  Bringing together downtown and midtown Manhattan, this large, pulsating central plaza claims nearly two centuries of crossroads status within NYC – a thriving business, entertainment, and transit hub.  The streets are infused with college students as Union Square is near NYU and The New School.  Most importantly, one of the biggest attractions is Union Square Park.  The park captures a huge portion of the city’s diversity and is referred to as downtown’s Time Square.  The park has countless performers, indoor and outdoor activities, historical statues, playgrounds, a dog park, and more.

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