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Moving to Two Bridges

Two Bridges: Past & Present

Two Bridges is a small neighborhood situated between the Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge in lower Manhattan.  The area got its name in 1954 by the founders of the Two Bridges Neighborhood Council, which works as a social services organization and affordable housing developer.  Many New Yorkers are not aware of this district because it flies under the radar.  Parts of the area overlap the Lower East Side and the quieter section of Chinatown.  Compared to the surrounding neighborhoods, Two Bridges isn’t gentrified yet and has an old school feel with brick walk-ups and affordable housing options.  Lately, the neighborhood has been enduring projects to attract more residents to the area and the new phase of construction is vertically focused.

Things to Do in Two Bridges

This area is filled with numerous housing complexes and are currently undergoing more projects to fit more residents.  The complexes are embedded with gardens, wide walkways, playgrounds and parking lots.  Throughout every street are classic tenement-style walk-ups with stores located at the bottom.  Even though the neighborhood isn’t fully modernized yet, it still has great restaurants, variety of stores and is in a location with great access to many attractions.  One of the main perks of living in Two Bridges, Manhattan is that there are plenty of different means of transportation in the area.  The commute to Wall Street is only 1 mile away, Rockefeller Center is 5 miles away and Jersey City is a mere 8 miles.  Furthermore, as the area becomes more renovated, more parks, nightlife options, and restaurants are popping up.


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