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Moving to Strivers’ Row in Central Harlem

History Behind Strivers’ Row

Strivers’ Row is a small district located in Central Harlem consisting of only 4 rows of townhouses standing along West 138th and West 139th Streets.  In the 1920s, living in Strivers’ Row used to be considered a powerful symbol of success for the African American elite.  The 4 rows of picturesque houses were built by developer David King Jr. and were built to serve the elite of Manhattan society.  In the 1900s Harlem became predominately African American, and soon turned into a cultural mecca for African American intellectuals and artists.  This enclave has become more diverse to match the changing demographics of the neighborhood and the area continues to draw in big names and celebrities to the beautiful homes.

Back in Demand

As the best moving company in NYC, Shleppers Moving & Storage has helped people move all over NYC, including Strivers’ Row.  Strivers’ Row was revamped and has been gaining more attention from people in the past few years.  Strivers’ Row is filled with gorgeous houses that can go for millions of dollars and attract the elite.  One of the main perks of this compact neighborhood is that it has plenty of parking spaces in the alleys which create a hassle-free parking spot for cars.  Furthermore, Strivers’ Row is in the perfect location in Central Harlem because it is a short distance from endless historic monuments, parks, theatres, and mouth-watering eateries and cultural restaurants.

Choose New York Movers, Shleppers when Moving to Strivers’ Row

After the revitalization of this small enclave in Central Harlem, Strivers’ Row began to pique people’s interest.  This neighborhood is ideal for New Yorkers looking for more space, parking area, and a neighborhood with a rich and diverse culture.  Covered in historical monuments and sites, Strivers’ Row has a lot to offer and to see.  Allow Shleppers full-service movers in NYC to assist you on your move to Strivers’ Row.  With over 40 years of experience, our expert NYC movers know the ins and outs of the neighborhood and are experts at navigating the crowded, busy streets of NYC.

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