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Moving to Roosevelt Island

History of Roosevelt Island

Roosevelt Island is a little enclave in the middle of New York City’s East River, which seems so close but also so far from Manhattan and Queens.  This narrow island lies between Manhattan to the West and Queens to the east; however, is considered part of Manhattan.  At only 2 miles long and 800 feet wide, Roosevelt Island is city living with amazing city views, but with a community feel.  Back in the nineteenth century, this island used to house several hospitals and a prison.  In the twentieth century, bridges started to be developed and transportation changes were occurring within the island.  It took a while, but in the twenty-first century, the island became more gentrified and apartment complexes, hospitals, restaurants, and Cornell Tech Campus were built.  Roosevelt Island is a peaceful getaway from city life and is deemed as one of New York’s best kept secrets.

Roosevelt Island: Transportation

There are a few ways to reach Roosevelt Island and the main way is by subway.  However, one of the cooler modes of transportation is by the Tramway which is the same cost as the subway.  The aerial tram travels 250 feet about the city and goes back and forth to midtown Manhattan dozens of times a day.  Additionally, you can use the ferry or take advantage of the bus that uses the Roosevelt Island Bridge.

Roosevelt Island

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Things to do on the Island

Let local moving company, Shleppers move you into the calm and peaceful Roosevelt Island so you can begin to experience the beauty of the island.  The island is surrounded by so much green space, providing a refreshing atmosphere from the city.  Four Freedoms State Park is a must-see on the southernmost tip of the island along with other parks such as Lighthouse Park and Southpoint Park.  There is ample area to roam around, streets are never crowded, and there are enough stores so that you don’t need to leave this island to get essentials such as food, hospitals, schooling, etc. 

Moving to Roosevelt Island

If you are considering moving to Roosevelt Island, then you are making the right choice.  Even though it is small, Roosevelt Island is one of New York City’s hidden gems.  Referred to as an “oasis in the metropolis”, this island brings residents with a much-needed change of pace from city life.  Roosevelt Island provides visitors and residents with breathtaking views from all sides of the island, historical landmarks, schools and parks.  Allow the best moving company in NYC, Shleppers Moving & Storage, to assist you on your move to the beautiful and pleasant Roosevelt Island. Fill out a quote today and let our expert New York movers handle the rest!