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Move to Marble Hill with Manhattan’s Favorite Moving Company

Are you planning on moving to Marble Hill in Manhattan? Ironically, Marble Hill is the only Manhattan neighborhood that isn’t located on Manhattan Island. This NYC neighborhood is nestled south of Kingsbridge, west of Bedford Park, North of the Harlem River and East of Spuyten Duyvil. This makes the district more of a Bronx neighborhood than a Manhattan living space.

Marble Hill-living is characterized by tree-lined streets, multi-floor apartment buildings, and Victorian-style, free-standing family homes. If you’re planning your move to Marble Hill, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. Keep reading to learn more…

Marble Hill, Manhattan…Marble Hill, The Bronx…Which Is It?!

There seems to be much confusion as to whether or not Marble Hill is an official Manhattan neighborhood. Legally, it is, as Marble Hill residents vote in the Manhattan elections, and the neighborhood was declared part of Manhattan in 1984 via the New York Legislature.

That being said, Marble Hill residents do receive services from the Bronx. This includes the fire department, postal services and the like. Marble Hill residents also have a 718-area code—which is reserved for the outer NYC boroughs.

Moving into A Marble Hill Residence

Marble Hill is comprised of many multilevel apartment buildings like the Marble Hill Houses (a complex bound by Broadway, Exterior Street and 225th Street) and Art Deco-style buildings. If you’re moving into an apartment building in Marble Hill, you’ll want to be sure that you have all your bases covered before your move. That’s where we come in. Shleppers Moving & Storage is a licensed and insured Manhattan moving company with the knowledge and experience needed to move you in quickly and efficiently. We’ve moved many a resident into the Marble Hill Houses, as well as the detached single and two-story homes that line the streets of this NYC neighborhood. We come prepared to your Marble Hill move with the van, equipment, and paperwork necessary to complete your move on time and within budget.

Marble Hill: Transportation

As far as transportation goes, Marble Hill residents enjoy a relatively quick commute to Midtown via Metro North Railroad’s Hudson Line or the 1 train. Additionally, Marble Hill locals enjoy the ability of accessing Inwood just by simply crossing the Broadway Bridge.

Marble Hill Moving Company

Due to Marble Hill’s location in comparison to the rest of Manhattan, you’ll want to work with a moving company who knows the ins and outs of Manhattan moving. Shleppers Moving & Storage has been in the business for over 40 years—so you can trust that our moving professionals will get you moved into your new Marble Hill residence with ease!

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