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Long Distance Moves During the Holiday Season

The phrase “Holiday Season” can be used to include any moves that occur after roughly November 20th through January 15th. Planning a long distance move during this time period will be easier if you keep the following best practices in mind:

Research Dates Before Scheduling Your Move:

Holiday parades, community celebrations, football games or other sporting events and other happenings that create heavier-than-normal traffic that could impact the logistics of your move. It’s always better to know about these type of events in advance of creating your move timetable. You’ll want to know what’s going on in your current location, as well as your destination. Your professional moving company can help you find this information out as well, so you avoid any surprise delays.

Understand How Weather May Impact Your Move:

If your long-distance move takes you to an entirely new climate, you’ll want to make sure you’re properly prepared. New Yorkers, for example, tend to have a warm winter wardrobe – but you may not need all of those clothes after you’ve relocated to Atlanta! Keep appraised of weather forecasts, as snowstorms, flood events and even wildfires are known to happen during this time of year, and all could impact your move.

Remember Holidays Are Important To Children:

The biggest concern a child may have during a holiday season move is “How will Santa find our new house?” Talking to your child before, during and after a move about what they’re thinking and feeling about the entire situation is the best way to help them understand what’s going on and address any anxieties they may have.

Connect with Your New Vet or Doggie Daycare Ahead of Time:

Moves are very stressful on pets, and it may be easier for all concerned for your pet to spend time with their new vet or doggie daycare provider prior to being introduced to the new home. This reduces the risk of your furry friend sneaking out the door while the movers are around – it’s very easy for a pet to get lost in a new neighborhood. Why take chances?

Take Time Out To Celebrate:

Every holiday is special, even if the normal traditions have been disrupted by the move. Make sure to include some festive element in the day, and take some pictures: years from now, when you remember the holiday you were moving house, you’ll be able to look back and smile.