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Moving to Inwood, NYC: The Northernmost District of Manhattan

Inwood: No Longer on “…the Brink of Coolness”

Inwood is a quiet district with expansive parks, affordable living spaces, and an easy-going ambiance. The New York Times described this NYC area as “Always on the Brink of Coolness” (article here). Neighborhood critics once prophesized that Inwood would never quite arrive at “cool”, due to a lack of trendy restaurants that most other “hip” NYC neighborhoods boast. But this is the case no longer, as trendy restaurants and dining establishments seem to be growing by the day.

The neighborhood is also becoming more and more populated with bicycle shops, wine stores, and even hookah bars. Additionally, a riverfront bar and restaurant (La Marina) attracts NYC locals to enjoy food and drink on warm summer nights. And of course, Inwood locals enjoy tons of wide open space at the many parks found in the area, including Fort Tyron Park, Inwood Hill Park, and Isham Park.

The majority of Inwood’s living spaces are found in low-rise, single-family brick homes and 5–8 story apartment buildings. Furthermore, the price of an apartment in Inwood is roughly one-third the cost of other apartments in the borough of Manhattan—and we think you should choose an affordable NYC moving company to match!

Affordable Inwood Moving Company

If you’re considering moving to Inwood, or already in the planning process of your move, stop right there! It’s time to call on Shleppers Moving & Storage.

Moving to the northernmost part of Manhattan means navigating through what seems like endless traffic jams and NYC commotion. You’ll want to hire moving professionals with the guile and familiarity of Manhattan’s busiest neighborhoods.

With over 40 years in the moving industry, Shleppers has acquired the confidence and know-how to navigate each and every NYC district. Nonstop traffic backups on moving day? No problem. Our moving professionals have you covered with qualified street smarts acquired over decades of intercity moving for NYC locals like yourself! You can trust that your belongings are in good, trustworthy hands.

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