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How To Manage A Last Minute Move

Less than a week until your move and stuck without a mover? Maybe your moving company fell through or you couldn’t find a mover in your moving budget. Perhaps you thought you had more time or your move date was pushed up without warning. Regardless, you’re finding yourself with few options as you come under the wire. From negotiating last minute deals to navigating planning your move, here is how to manage a last minute move.

Narrow Down Your Moving Company Choices

With only a few days until moving day, you may find yourself with limited choices. However, set aside some time to call reputable movers and see what days and times they still have available. You can automatically rule out moving companies that are at capacity of course—but you might be surprised that some very reputable, top moving companies will still have room. They might have late cancellations or added additional truck inventory in anticipation—either way, do not rule out the best moving companies simply because you think they won’t have availability.

Be Flexible With Your Move Date and Time

Of course, you don’t have much wiggle room with a last minute move but if you can decide between next Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday for your move dates then you might have more options at your disposal. Be sure to present your relocation consultant with all your possible options at the outset so you can hear about your choices.

Hire Extra Moving Help

If you have some room in your budget, consider adding packing services to your move. This will spare you the headache of rushing to get it all packed on time. A professional moving company will offer extensive packing and handling services to help facilitate an easy move—and they should be able to accommodate even last minute moves with this support.

Ask About Moving Deals and Incentives

Last minute moves may seem to put you at the mercy of moving company prices but you would be surprised how often you can score a deal. Moving companies don’t make money by having empty trucks in their lot—if they’re getting to the end of the month or near your move date, they will be more willing to throw in perks such as free boxes or discounted rates. Ask which of your flexible dates is cheapest and whether they have promotions. Don’t be afraid to compare moving quotes and ask for a better deal, especially if you know they have room.

Don’t Wait Too Long

While you should negotiate and ask about deals, keep in mind that you won’t likely be the only person with a last minute move. You should definitely be strategic about choosing your moving company but don’t assume your quote and date will still be available if you wait days until you make a decision. You don’t want to do all that work and then find out your preferred moving company booked its last truck earlier that morning.

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